Gskill Ripjaws (4gb x 2) CL7 1600

guys..currently i have a Gskill Ares 1866mhz (4gb x 2) CL9 (9-10-9-28)

is it ok if i replace it with Gskill Ripjaws 1600mhz (4gb x 2) CL7 (7-8-7-24)

or should i stick with my Ares?

BTW its Ripjaws only.. not Ripjaws X.. i think its the old model of Ripjaw..
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  1. Keep your Ares.
  2. ok.. but the Ripjaw has a faster timing..

    why keep my ares?
  3. Most likely you can downclock it and set it to the same timings at the g.skill when running at 1600
  4. wow!.. can u teach me how? please?

    i run my Ares @ 1866mhz - 1.6v - (9-10-9-28)

    can u teach me how to use it with its potential?? please please???
  5. hmm.. if i downclock it to 1600mhz.. and change the timing to (7-8-7-24)..
    should i adjust the voltage? btw the default voltage is 1.5v, I increased it to 1.6v because i maxed it with 1866mhz thats what labeled on my Ares..
    but the default in bios is 1600mhz only.. so i maxed it out,,
  6. @wiinippongamer
    hey man.. liked what u said.. i downclock it to:
    7-8-7-24 RAM Timing..
    running @ 1.5v

    but it failed..
    i got blue screen.. saying "Dumping Physical Memory"
    then it restarted to the Bios Splash Screen.. so i returned my original settings..

    Why did it happen?? Whats wrong?
  7. Use the voltage that's labeled on your Ares for both settings and don't be afraid to do a little higher than that, maybe 1.65 or 1.7, those sticks were made to be overclocked.

    What processor are you using BTW? If you're using an intel CPU don't go over 1.65v, AMD CPU's are fine with a little higher voltage.
  8. ah so its lacking of volts thats why i got blue screen..

    my CPU is AMD FX4100..

    which is faster?..
    1866mhz 9-10-9-28
    1600mhz 7-8-7-24??
  9. so theres no point of changing my ram timings?

    what configuration can u suggest to me?
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    I suggest to keep your ares at it's default settings, if you want to upgrade some then get another pair of that same kit.
  11. thanks a lot man! =)
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