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AMD phenom 955 HOTHOTHOT

Im trying to figure out why my core temps are SO hot. I'm actually scared now to keep the computer on after seeing the temperatures. I am thinking of re pasting the cpu to the heat sink... here are what they are showing...

Is there something i am missing?
phenom II 955 not overclocked whatsoever. Stock cpu fan and heatsink.
4 gigs of ram, HD 5670 ultimate, stock exhaust fan with an antec pusher at the front of the case. plain jane HD and some gigabyte mobo...

If you need any more information i can gladly give it... I just don't want this thing to burn out!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. BIOS temps the same?
  2. What's the best way to check that? I forget the command while re-booting
  3. usually del(ete) key.
  4. Thanks, will re-check and let you know.
  5. 68 degrees the bios said.... i let the shop install the paste and i have a weird feeling thats the problem. Copuld it make it that high?
  6. That is way to high on idle try re applying TIM.
  7. Before paying someone perform this simple test. Open your case while your computer is running and try touching the cpu heatsink (carefully if it's really 75 deg). It might be a goofy temp sensor (unless you've monitored the temps before and they were normal).
  8. If the paste is not on there properly, will it still be the same temp as the CPU?
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    Your voltages are too high, this is 100% the problem.. Try manually setting it in bios somewhere between 1.3v to 1.35v
  10. Each core has to be 1.3-1.35?
  11. I lowered it (i had to lower it in increments) its now sitting at 1.34 (had set it to 1.35 but whatever) And also re-pasted the CPU. After re-pasting alone, it had dropped 10 degrees, and than also after lowering the voltage, it's idling around 45-47 degrees. I want to thank all of you so much :)

    EDIT : Under the bios setting, it was set to automatic which was at 1.40. I reduced it by .05
  12. Still at 60 degrees under heavy load, but im pretty sure that's not a problem as it drops to 57 almost right away after exiting video games.
  13. 60 is a little high, what can be expected from std cooler, should drop a little after few thermal cycles, but with in limits!
  14. Yeah, i was reading about after the first few thermal cycles it starts to thin out, and than expand again and "cures" (although it never truely does) and the drop in temperature after 50-200 hours can drop 3-10 degrees.

    I love learning =D
  15. Just an update. It now runs at 48 degrees after the thermal cycles, i am planning on getting an aftermarket cooler, and had stumbled upon a zalman cooler that looks pretty insane, has good reviews, and it currently 35$ off! Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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  17. That Zalman looks nice, I am looking to get a new heatsink for my 125W Phenom X6 1055T. I was thinking about getting a Coolermaster Hyper Evo ($35), has gotten good reviews.

    Anybody know about the Coolermaster N 520? It's pretty big. I dont know if it can clear my Vengeance DDR3 they have huge heatsinks.
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