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New memory, memory is 1600 but shows up as 1333?


i bought a new motherboard - Asus P9x79 pro and 64 gig of Corsair ram - Corsair Vengeance 32 GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3 12800 Quad Channel 240 Pin Desktop Memory CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10

a used the button on the motherboard that is supposed to setup your bios and ram to run at the optimal speed

i've built a lot of machines over the years and i've never run into anything like this...i ran a ram test overnight and it found no errors

i don't know what else to do/try?

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  1. 1333 is the default speed for DDR3 memory. You can manually set to 1600 in your BIOS.

    I have the same mobo, but only 32GB of memory (all slots filled) and am running at 1600 so it can be done.
  2. BTW, did you install the most current BIOS version for the mobo as well? If not, I recommend doing so. For me, it fixed another issue (video driver stability).
  3. You may have to set the timings manually. Look at this for help:
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    I'm quessing, but you are probably using a SB-e CPU.

    To use DDR3-1600 you must either
    1) Go into bios and select use XMP, profile one which will auto set speed to 1600, and CL values to correct values, also set the voltage t correct value.
    2) manually set parameters.

    SB specs are for DDR3-1333, and using DDR3-1600 will Void warrantee if by chance your CPU dies and you need to RMA it (may depend on the rep you talk to). Intel does sell a OC warantee that covers" exceeding Vcore of 1.5 V, exceeding Ram voltage of 1.575 V and exceeding ram freq of 1333 (ie for i5-2500K it is $25. Ram Voltage of 1.500 is fine.
    PSS. I'm running DDR3-1600, CL7, @ 1.600 V on a i5-2500K build - have NOT bought the OC Warentee.

    PS default (spec) for IB Ram is 1600
  5. thanks for the replies...

    i went in and it had an option that was some random number over 1600 so i chose that and it seems to be working fine.

    fwiw, i spent the $35 for the overclocking warranty

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