XFX HD 5830 for 1366 x 768

Hey all,

Im currently upgrading my PC to be able to play all games on max settings and will be future proof for the next 2 years.

My current components are:

AMD Phenom ii x4 955 Oc'ed to 3.6ghz
4gigs DDR3 Corsair Ram
Antec 620watt PSU
HAF 912 Plus

For my displays, I own two Acer 19" 1366 x 768 LCD monitors, and im not planning to upgrade. See this is where im stuck, I want to be able to play games at max, but only on one screen. Some people are saying the XFX 5830 would be overkill, would it? Would it bottleneck my CPU? Thoughts are welcome for any other graphic cards. I currently own a GT 220, but Im doubting it will be able to run games like crysis at max (Even on my resolution).

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  1. I don't think that it would be overkill considering you don't want to replace it for a couple of years. I wouldn't recommend anything weaker than that.

    A 5830 is a good choice, but so would a 5770, 6790, GTX 460 or better. There are a lot of cards in the $120ish range that would be good.

    Shop around for the best deal.
  2. Hey, the HD 5830 is around £2 more expensive than the 5770, and ill take into consideration for your other recomendations, thanks a bunch for the reply
  3. It is a good choice, will run games on high settings at that resolution.
  4. Thanks Embra, ill most likely order the HD 5830 on monday :).
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