Questions about PCIE and modern graphic cards

Hi all i got a dilemma, first let me start with my system spec:

Intel i7 930 @ 2.8Ghz
Gigabyte x58a-ud3r rev1
6GB RAM 1600mhz
corssair TX 750w
Gainward GTX570 1280Mb
Seagate 500Gb barracuda 7200RPM
Patriot Wildfire 120GB SSD

The dilemma is about video cards and their compatibility with my motherboard:
i want to upgrade my gaming performance but i still do not know if i should buy an another gtx570 for SLI or just get a new gtx670
the problem is that I've read that GTX670 uses a PCIE3 slot but my motherboard has only a PCIE2 slots so i am not sure that the card will work well on it.
so the question is will it work on my motherboard and will i lose any of it's performance by using a PCIE2 slot?
or should i just get an another GTX570?

i know it is a little not in the right place question but which setup is actually better? one GTX 670 or GTX570 on sli?

thanks ahead for all the help
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    Yes you will need a pcie 3.0 slot to get the most out of the new video card. The card will work on the pcie 2.0 slot and it will work well, just won't get the full performance out of it. You will most likely see a + difference in the gaming performance if you switch cards, just not the full effect as if you had a pcie 3.0 lane. You will probably get a better boost from a second 570. And it looks like your power supply can handle it with both power requirement and power connectors. Still, it's a tough choice. If you're not going to continue to upgrade parts as you go along I would get the 670 now, and maybe a second one down the road. If you're only going to upgrade the single part and then down the road upgrade the whole system then the second 570 would be my choice.
  2. Thanks a lot for the quick reply, i am not planing to upgrade my system any further than the graphics card (as I think my system is still pretty decent and can handle most of the new stuff pretty well)
    then i have an another question:
    do you guys know of any motherboard that supports socket FCLGA1366 and has a PCIE 3.0 lane?
  3. reviZor said:
    do you guys know of any motherboard that supports socket FCLGA1366 and has a PCIE 3.0 lane?

    None do. Only boards that can support an Ivy Bridge CPU can (LGA 1155).
  4. ^ + 1 Absolutely true. It's actually the cpu that supports the pci-e 3.0 lane.
  5. wow guys i think this thread can be actually locked as i have found what i was searching for, for about 2 weeks now.
    this link can help any of the people that have the same dilemma:

    thanks to all of you for the help :)
  6. Nice find. Gotta love it when I'm right. Too bad it didn't compare a single 3.0 against dual 2.0's.
  7. suteck said:
    Nice find. Gotta love it when I'm right.

    :lol: Agreed. And give that man Best Answer. :)
  8. Best answer selected by reviZor.
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