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Hey forum,

i have trouble deiciding.. what psu i need.

i5 2500k 4GHz
asrock extreme3 gen3
evga gtx 580
1tb seagate barracuda
8gb corsair vengeace ram
dvd,cd burner

Now.. i wont be sli'ing the 580. So do i need 850w, if so i picked these so far

Corsair HX850
Corsair TX850

or the 750w, i picked

corsair tx750
seasonic x-750
corsair ax750
xfx pro750w xxx editon.

now if i get the seasonic x750 or the corsair ax750.. it will be the same price as a hx850.. so need some help which one? for the specs listed above

or will a 650w do just fine
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  1. 600-650watts will do just fine running a single GTX580! Looking at the brands you have chosen so far you will not have a problem selecting a quality unit that fits your budget.
  2. what about 2 580s will a 750 cut it? or no cuz im looking at the corsair tx650. and for $10 more for a tx750

    lets say 2 580s i can get a seasonic x750 or corsair hx850 for same price.. need suggestions
  3. 750 would if you do not overclock or stress test! If you are planning that I would go with the HX850 for headroom.
  4. okay perfect!
  5. how does the tx750 do for sli 580s?


  6. Alrighty.. so now the choice.. Corsair TX850.. Or the Corsair HX850 big price diff. i dont really care much about the modularity
  7. TX850 if modularity is not preferred!
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