A very quick question about drivers.

Hi, i'm thinking about installing windows 7 again as it's been a few years and my computer is starting to get a few errors. The only problem is that i've lost my motherboard driver CD, it's a gigabyte GA-M72O-US3. On their website is a list of downloads for the 64 bit version of windows 7 including the audio drivers, chipset, LAN and SATA RAID. The question is do i need to download all of these or just a certain one of them?

Thanks in advance .
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  1. Only thing you'll need to download is your graphics driver. Unless something doesn't work right after the install there's no need to download additional drivers for lan, audio, etc. Win7 has generic drivers that work out of the box with 99% of modern systems and chipsets, no need to add more bloat.
  2. Once you've re-installed windows and it's up and running, you should definitely run through the Device Manager and see if there's any items that could be updated with drivers from Gigabyte, especially for chipset - however, Windows Update may find them for you...
  3. Thanks very much for the replies
  4. You can find the latest drivers, BIOS and more for your board at Gigabyte's web site. www.gigabyte.us
    Once there, do a search for your board model and revision for your board's web page.
  5. I never let Windows update drivers any longer. I have learned the hard way, not to. Windows has more than once updated my drivers (audio & LAN) only to have them both completely stop working. I never use the Driver CD either. I always flash the latest BIOS, then set the BIOS up, then install windows and then the latest drivers from the board's web page.

    Sometimes Windows will try to update drivers with older versions and sometimes with garbage drivers. Get the drivers designed specifically for the board on the board's web page.
  6. Letting Windows install your drivers for you isn't a good idea.
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