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okay guys well iv been keeping an eye on some graphic cards and still have not bought one. I have a phenom 2 x2 550 at 3.82ghz, 4gb ddr2 1066mhz, and a 550 corsair psu. My questions is will my cpu bottleneck the gpu ? and is the psu enough for the gpu i read that a 500 w is recommended so im guessing its all good. Also im thinking about running 3 23in screens 1080p how would that card handle it?

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  1. Your CPU shouldn't bottleneck a 6870, most single card configurations won't bottleneck on a fast dual core. However, you will probably see reduced performance on certain CPU heavy titles, ie. Grand Theft Auto IV or Battlefield Bad Company 2. Your PSU is fine for a single 6870, you shouldn't have a problem unless you are running an additional video card, or have a very large number of hard drives on your system.

    As for performance on 3 1080p screens, if you want to turn up the eye candy, the 6870 is probably not a good choice. The 6870 performs quite well on a single 1080p screen, and will max out most games on a single 1080p monitor. However, it is not powerful enough to run games at high settings across 3 1080p monitors, for that you would probably want a 6970 2gb or 2 6870s in crossfire. However, the 6970 or 2 6870s would probably be bottlenecked by your dual core CPU. You'd also need a more powerful PSU, particularly if you went for the crossfire setup.
  2. ahh thanks for the answer, i have ended up going with a hd6850 because it was a good deal on it. Could i possible run 2 hd6850s with my psu or will i need to upgrade ?
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