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16g ram issue

i just build my new pc(first time btw)installed windows,everything was find till i find out that am having overheating issue,because am just using the pre-applied thermal paste comes with intel I5 3570k,tried bios update but still, then i decided to clean & apply a new thermal paste& i did,but pc didn't boot because of the Dram Led red ligt,it took me sometimes to find out that i need to remove 2 ram sticks(8g)to be able to boot & it did,then everything was working fine & the overheating is gone except that 2 ram slots(3-4)not working & i get the Dram red light everytime i use both or one of them,then i thought since applying the thermal paste cause the problem maybe re-applying it will solve it & the funny thing is that when i re-applied the thermal for the second time the third ram slot works,but not the forth so now i can use 3 ram slots(12g) & that doesn't make sense,so i hope someone can help me to solve or at least understand the problem.
my pc specc:
asus P8z77 pro v
G.skill Ripjaws 16g(4 X 4gb)
i5 3570k
no overclocking
pardon my English
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  1. Have you tried all 4 stick in those 2 faulty RAM slots? Does it POST if you only use 2 sticks on slots 3&4?
  2. wiinippongamer said:
    Have you tried all 4 stick in those 2 faulty RAM slots? Does it POST if you only use 2 sticks on slots 3&4?

    as i said just the forth slot not working atm & yes i tried all 4 sticks on that slot but i get the Dram Led red light no matter which one i use.
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    Update:haha i finally solved it& will tell u how & i hope this gonna help another people who is having the same issue.
    what i did is that i read the mobo manual again & find out that they suggest i should install ram sticks in slot 2 first then 4 & it works,but when i try to add the other 2 sticks in different order(2-4-3-1 &2-4-1-3) it didn't work(reboot loop),but when i install them in a different order1-3-4-2 boom finally works & am so happy now because it works & because i learned something now.
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  5. Good for you.
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