Hi guys
its that time of year and the playing field has changed..... im looking for another graphic card to replace the x1950pro im using when my XFX GTS250 began to play up
however ive seen the "GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB" at a popular uk retailer for under £50,and before you say "that cards old" i know this... however in the scheme of things is the 8800gtx still a worthwhile contender
i mean the 384bit memory interface is nice and the 768mb of gddr3 memory running at 1800mhz isnt that bad.... however how will it perform with the latest games and previous games ?
another question i need to ask is what psu does this need... im currently using a 650w psu with 2 x +12v rails with 19A and 20A on them respectively ...... im presuming this will be enough
even against my GTS250 the 8800gtx looks pretty good.... or does it
any feedback will be appreciated
cheers guys !
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  1. Performance will be (very) similar to your gts250. I'd dare to say even a bit lower. If you're on a budget, even an hd5770 will perform better and are not expensive at all
  2. I would have to agree it would probably not worth buying
  3. It's 10-20 percent slower than your 250 was, but at least twice as fast as your current card so if it's all you can afford....

    I would spend a little more and get a GTS 450 or a 5770 if I were you.
  4. it will be about on part with your old gts250,
    im sure for around double that price you can find a 768mb gtx 460, a relatively cheap and powerful card. Alot better than the 8800gtx, uses less power and noticeably better than the 5770. Plus you can finally use dx11.

    If you tell us your budget and the website of this UK retailer im sure somebody can find you a good card
  5. hi guys
    thanks for the quick responses...... ive located a XFX radeon HD5750 (1gb) for £59 .. and this looks pretty good and wont push my psu too much... and from what ive seen this is slightly better than the GTS250 and a massive improvement over the x1950pro
    however for £69 ive also found the xfx radeon HD5770 ,also 1gb ... however would the extra tenner be worth it and is the HD5770 that much better than the HD5750 ?
    for £4 more than the HD5770 theres the XFX radeon HD4870 ..... however this is a power hungry card and ive also heard its pretty loud aswell,especially under load
    im tempted by the HD5750.... mainly because ive heard it works well with my celeron E3300 which is actually a impressive processor, dont be fooled by the celeron branding.... this actually uses the "wolfdale" core which is found in the core 2 duo,s .... and allthough im running it at stock speeds it can easily be overclocked to 3.4ghz by simply changing the fsb from its 200mhz default speed to 266mhz.... no voltage adjustments or any jickery pockery .....
    what do you think about the HD5750 ..... worth buying ?
    cheers guys
  6. if an extra 10 won't cause you to go hungry lol... then for sure it is worth it to get the 5770, it is noticeably faster than the 5750. Also how much is the cheapest Gtx460 768mb? that would be the next step up, if it is 10-15 more then I would say go for that.
  7. If your on budget the 8800gtx is great deal used...Why the gts? But anyways you can find them used on ebay in 20-70$ range. Cant beat that bang for buck I think.
  8. The 5770 is as good as the 4870 and uses less power so don't spend more for a 4870. Either the 5750 or the 5770 should work fine on your PSU and are a better value than the 50 euro 8800, so it just depends how much you want to spend, the speed difference is about the same as the price difference for those 2.
  9. even another gts250 can be found dirt cheap, but as said above, the 5770 is damn cheap at the moment, but if you could ge the money together, the 6850 or gtx460 would actually be an upgrade where you would see a noticeable increase in performance
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