Looking for a Graphics Card for a Dell Optiplex

I need help in finding a good graphics card that will fit my CPU

I have a Dell OptiPlex 745, I was going to buy the NVidia GeForce 570 but I heard that it might not fit in my CPU

I'm looking to be able to run TES V: Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

Also my processor is lacking, it comes in at about 1.96 GHz, I have a spare CPU with an Intel Pentium 4 Processor. Would switching them be better for what I need? I think it's at 3.0 GHz but I only did a quick Google search and It might not be 100% correct

Thanks for the help in advance...
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  1. To be honest you should just wait for amd's bulldozer later this year. Unless you need the computer now just wait as your motherboard is old so anything you put in it would not be worth it. Also your power supply would probably lack the necessary power connectors and actual power to support a 470.
  2. Thanks, But I still need to know what graphics card would fit, also can't you just buy pin connecters?

    I have the Tower Model here are the specs

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