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What graphics card should be good for BF3

I am probably gonna buy a new card just for bf3 later this year. What cards can I expect to be able to play it on a 20" monitor. I could wait for the next generation of gpu in q4/q1 2012 if amd/nvidia has a next generation gpu that's worth waiting for. I would also be getting a new power supply if I needed it since the one I have probably isn't that good.

q8300 stock
4 gigs
9500 gt
400w(came with case)
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  1. If you want a better card, you have to get a new power supply. A 6870 should* be fine with high graphics. but at least a decent 600w psu will be needed. (6870)
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    what resolution are you playing at.I think that at 1680X1050 and lower you will require a gtx 460/amd 6850 to max the game.At 1920X1080 and above you will require a gtx 560ti/amd 5850
  3. How much do you guys expect the 6850 or 460 will drop from now till next year? Also anyone have any idea of when the next generation of amd/nvidia gpu's are coming out cause I have heard it would be q1 of 2012 for amd?
  4. I think the 460 will run pretty much all games (except for hyper demanding ones) at max settings considering the fact that I have a gtx 275 which is a 2 year old card and still runs all games at near max settings.between the 460 and 6850 at stock clocks the 6850 may be a little faster though not by much.But if you overclock bith the cards the 460 will end up much faster than the 6850.Personally I would go for the 460 without even considering the 6850 because of physx and good nvidia driver support but then again I am a nvidia fan :D
  5. Ive been thinking and hoping that a single 5870 should still be enough to max out the game..ive heard that bf3 will be a bit more CPU intesive instead of like a 6 Core AMD up maybe?....I dont guessing but ill be pretty pissed if i have to buy yet another GPU so i can play bf3 on high settings...I do by chance have another 5870 in another pc in the house that isn't being used at all, so i may get away with taking that one that will CF with what i alreadyhave but to be honest...when i did that in the first place..i really didn't notice a blind bit of differance in performance????? thats why i dumped it in my step sons Rig.

    Neither the less, ive been reading up onthese 6950's that flash up to 6970's, if there still being sold that is, but when you look at the bench marking between the 5870's and the 6950's or the 6970...there really isn't that much in it to warrant another 300 $.

    To be honest, i could buy a play station 3 for less and quit the PC gaming world all together.....?.

    i Guess we are all poking in the dark until the Beta release, which by the on earth are we supposed to be getting our Beta keys From MOH? there ws nothing in the pack..just a registration deal which i belive i did?.

    hmmmm keep waiting.
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