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Upgrading to a new motherboard, can I still re-install Windows?

Last response: in Motherboards
August 13, 2012 9:39:26 PM

Okay so I am currently running a 3570k on a Gigabyte z68 but I have the opportunity to upgrade to a z77 motherboard. When I build this system in the beginning of the year, I bought Windows 7,, and installed on an HDD. I later upgraded to an SSD (do it if you haven't) and re-installed without a hitch. So now my question is: Once I install the new motherboard, can I simply re-install windows onto my SSD using the disk that I received earlier in the year? I will have backed up all of my data, don't care if it gets wiped, I don't want to transfer it. I will simply plug in the new mobo, the SSD, then pop in the Windows 7 disk and attempt a clean install. Will it work?
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August 14, 2012 1:21:58 AM

If you have the original installation disk, which it sounds like you do, you won't have any problem reinstalling it. You might have to call microsoft if the auto-activate doesn't work. But when you tell them you switched the motherboard it will be ok (from experience).

Now, if you want, windows 7 has proven to be very versatile and will POSSIBLY boot up after the motherboard switch. I've had it work a couple of time like that. If it does, during startup it will have to load all the generic drivers installed in win 7. After that you will need to use the motherboard's drivers install disk or go to their website and download the latest ones and install them. Either way you go it's always a preferred method to do a copy of all important files. Sounds like you don't but I couldn't help putting it in.
August 14, 2012 1:50:55 AM

Thank's for the reply! From all of my previous Google searches, people seemed to be freaking out about not being able to re-install, stuff about the OEM version, blah blah. During the searches there was things about OEM vs. retail, and how the OEM will somehow bond itself to the motherboard it was installed on, something to do with licenses. Yes I do have the original install disk, and to be honest the only important files I have are a few word documents from last school year... other than that it's all games, chrome, and a bunch of benching and monitoring software which could easily be re-downloaded. Once again, thank's for the reply, it's reassuring to have somebody answer a question who has been in the position of the OP. :)