My acer computer wont bootup

my computer has shut down it comes on but i am just getting a flashing minus sign. I cant not log into windows anymore. my password screen wont come on. i need help my computer is what i use for my online classes. and i dnt have the money to repair anything
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  1. I'm sorry you are having this trouble.

    Perhaps if you will post the model number of the computer I can suggest something.
  2. The first thing I would do is remove any discs from the DVD drive. It could be attempting to boot from a disc you have in it. You might also look into the boot order to confirm its trying to boot from the hard drive.

    If it is trying to boot Windows from the hard drive but failing you might have a failing hard drive or Windows got messed up somehow and may need to be reloaded.

    You might try running a live linux cd until you can restore your Windows to try to access your data.
  3. Great advice there. If the operating system is corrupted, or damaged by malware, a Linux CD will at least let you save any important docs to a USB flash drive.
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