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I'm having trouble getting my SB Live Platinum to run under Windows 98. I far exceed the min requirements for hardware, but the system locks on boot once the software is loaded. Has anyone seen this problem? I've already emailed their support, but....Who knows how long it will take them to answer. Thanks for any help in advance.

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  1. Okay I figured it out. I exported the system info in windows 98 to a text file I called system info.txt with the system configured the way it wasn't working. That is the sound card in the computer but not installed. Then I physicaly removed all the other PCI devices except the sound card and rebooted. I could then successfully install the sound card. Then I exported the system info again calling it system info works.txt. Then I did a side by side comparison of all the IRQ and memory conficts and....There weren't any. Seriously! So then I with the sound card working I re-added each pci device one at a time and rebooted and reinstalled them and it works fine. Bottom line? Maybe the sound card had big brother syndrome and just wanted first dibs on all the resources.
    For the record I still haven't heard from the Support folks at Creative.

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