New build Hard Drive Problem

So I just got my new build finished about 3 days ago, Windows 7 and all my drivers loaded perfectly on my 1tb SATA 6.0gb/s seagate drive.
And yesterday (2 days after build) I noticed that everything started getting real slow and quit responding. So I decided to restore to the point right after my first boot up. And that's when things got stressful.
Then I just tried booting from my Windows disc and it told me No Hard drive detected blah blah blah. So I look in my BIOS and it's not even there!
I tried different cables, ports and so on but nothing.

Do I RMA it? Or is there still hope?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hard drives are fragile .
    Just shipping them can damage the very sensitive read and write heads .

    Id say yours is dying .
  2. Alright I'll just RMA it for a replacement.
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