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Right now my motherboard is a z68 asrock extreme4 gen 3. I am running 2 gtx 680s FTW 4gb in SLI on them. I am looking to add a soundcard that is going to be pci-e x1 (X-fi Titanium HD, or essence STX). If i add that to my top PCI-e x1 slot, will that effect either of my pci-e slots. Right now since they are in SLI they are running x8/x8. will that pci-e x1 affect them?

here is a picture of my motherboard

Picture Click Here

i guess i would put the soundcard on the top most PCI-e x1 slot, closest to the CPU.

does that take bandwidth away. Thanks
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  1. No, you'll be fine. The 2 GFX cards will still work at X8 and X8 bandwidth and the sound card will work at x1 bandwidth. The i5/i7 gen. 2 has 20 PCIe lanes. If you add a card in the 3rd PCIe GFX slot (X4), I imagine the 2 PCIe X1 slots become inactive.
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