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CPU Speed jumps

I'm currently running an i5 2500k, stock speeds with turbo boost enabled.

While idle my CPU speed jumps from 16000 MHz, to 19000, to 35000 and everywhere in between and back down to 16000.

My question is do the spikes sound a little extreme for idle???

I've read about Intel's Speed Step and understand the concept, but i'm just wondering if my idle speed ups and downs are normal. Thanks a bunch
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  1. Normally, the CPU, when idle, has a reduced clock to cut back on both heat and energy usage (GPUs do the same). Under load, since the CPU (or GPU) is needed, then the clock does increase and will remain high until either the temp gets dangerously high (like 80C) or the task is done and the CPU goes back to idling.

    However, you really must have a processor from 2050 or you're very intensely overclocking to get a 35 GHz clock. I'm assuming you mean 1.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz and the like.
  2. Im sorry i did mean 1.6 to 3.5 ghz. Everything is stock clocked.

    Im just wondering why it needs 3.5 ghz while idling then goes back down to 1.6???

    Shouldnt it just stay at 1.6 constantly while idling???? Thanks alot
  3. Idle on a computer isn't really idle, there are background tasks that need minimal processor work, but if multiples happen to need something at the same time it might be enough to hit the usage threshold and cause it to raise the clock speed briefly, get work down, then drop back down to idle clocks, because even when you think your system is doing nothing, its still doing a fair amount.
  4. Gotcha. So the spikes are normal?? just seemed weird to be hitting threshold while idle.
  5. i just got a i7 2600k and mine did the same. Have you got turbo boost monitor software installed? if so in task manager end the process for it then check to see if its doing it aagain i managed to fix mine thet way
  6. Ahhhhh, interesting.. I was using the ASRock eXtreme tuner utility when noticing the speed jumps.. But when i ran CPU-Z the clock remained at x16 while idle.

    Does that mean the ASRock software uses alot of cpu power???
  7. YES YES YES it uses lots of processing power.
  8. i also had another strange thing happen. my multiplier changed from 34 to 62!! obviousley that was wrong because my temps where at 40c so i just cleared cmos and now it works perfectley!!! 6.2GHZ i wish ONLY 40c on idle HAHA :)
  9. LOL wow, that happened out of the blue??? Did multiple programs report 62???
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    Yeah, I'd definitely check with a different program. Once I had CoreTemp report my CPU frequency at 10GHz! Since it is impossible for my system to inadvertently break the overclocking world record on the stock cooler without an epic burn out I knew that couldn't be accurate. Sometimes software can report things incorrectly.
  11. On some versions of Windows, drive indexing and auto defrag run in the background. I usually disable them along with lots of other rubbish that uses up CPU and Ram.
  12. @soegoat, Would disabling these mean changing registry code? Or are there settings somewhere that i can disable
  13. ok go to computer thn right click on your c drive then go to tools then click defrag now then in options click dont defrag on a shedule.
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