BFG Tech 128MB DDR3 PhysX Ageia, what's this for?

:hello: Hello everybody! I'm new in this forum and I was wondering if you could help me. The thing is this, I have an old computer that has Celeron D 2.66 Ghz, 1.25 GB RAM and Intel Chipset that has no VRAM and shared memory, it has only PCI ports (no PCI Express or AGP) and I always wanted to get my old pc a Video Card for playing some videogames that already can run but realy slow, I'm short on money and under no reason I'm going to spend more than 500 or 600 bucks for a new PC, but the other day I saw this rare videocard (seems to be a videocard) that has no port for connecting the monitor but in the box said "BFG Tech 128MB DDR3 PhysX Ageia PCI" and I thought that maybe it would help my pc do a little better in some games like Max Payne 2 or Half Life 2 but I'm not really sure since it doesn't seem to be a conventional video card, so here comes my questions: What's this for? Will this help me to improve my PC performance?

Well, that's it! if anyone thinks this thread doesn't belong here please tell me, also if there is already a thread for this, please tell me because I couldn't find anything related to what am looking for. Thanks for your time and attention. :D
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  1. I am pretty sure this was the failed physics card. This was supposed to be the sound card of physics. Nvidia basically bought out physx so they could take the technology and put it in there drivers. So this is basically not a graphics card so it is pretty much useless.
  2. Thanks mute20, so this is no video card?
  3. Windrade said:
    Thanks mute20, so this is no video card?

    No its more of a support card for physics in games ,but even then it didn't really do that much unless the game support that.
  4. Ah I see, thanks mute20! Malmental thank you too for the info.!
  5. One last thing, should I select a best answer? since both of your answers are correct, what should I do?
  6. I would enjoy those points experts have already had there spot on stage!!
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