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Gud Day.. i would like to ask for some advice, i bought a MSI P965 Neo2 mother board.. when i plug and try to boot thers no beep or not booting may system.. but the system fan is running as it there is no prob.. im using ddr3 videocard due to that the main board doesnt have its own build video..
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  1. first remove the battery for 30 seconds to reset the cmos then remove everything from the motherboard except the cpu power cable the mainboard power cable and try to push the power button...see if you get any beeps or lights to indicate that it is on (it should do something to indicate an error bc there is no video card in there) are you sure the video card is good? if you can test it in another system to ensure thats not the issue...then put the video card in and see if you can boot...if not try a different psu to make sure....also take out all but one dimm of ram..if you can test every component of the pc in another one to rule out that component from being the problem
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