Internet cuts out on one computer, but not others

I have an issue with one of my computers on the network... It is randomly dropping internet connection, but the rest of the computers one the router are fine. The odd thing is that when the internet connection goes down for that single computer, i can see the rest of the network just fine.

I'm not sure if this is a software, hardware, or router issue. I have replaced the network cable on it recently and am waiting to see if that has any affect (which i doubt it will.)

Any suggestions?
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  1. Could be the network adapter in that machine -- easy enough to install a new one.
  2. But if it's the network adapter, how am I still able to see the other machines on the network?
  3. Open a command prompt and try pinging a webiste and pinging one of your network computers.
    Use the -t switch to keep the pings going
    Press Ctrl+C to stop it

    ping -t

    ping localcomputer -t

    If you're losing pings to the internet, it may be your router/cable modem.
    If you're losing pings to your local lan, then it can be your NIC or switch, or just another bad cable. Try it on all your computers.
  4. I don't think its the router or cable modem because as stated previously, the other computers on the router work fine.

    I tried the ping and they all failed, INCLUDING the pings to the router and other computers... however when i went onto the workgroup over the network i was still able to access the other computers, pull and push files between computer, etc.
  5. Check your Primary DNS and Gateway. They both should be pointing to your router. Sometimes when you get a trojan or virus, it changes your DNS so you can't access the internet.

    Have you checked your Firewall settings?

    What OS are you running? If it's XP, trying repairing your winsock.
  6. both the dns and ip are dynamically configured. I did ipconfig /all and confirmed the primary and secondary DNS is pointed to the same ones as the other machines.

    i tried doing a system restore to two different dates and found that both restore points failed, so i think there may be a virus on the machine. i am scanning it now.
  7. I have the same problem and I see a lot more have been complaining about the same thing. I suspect that some sort of virus or malware no one has seen yet. I just rebuilt a computer for my wife and it worked fine until I loaded her files back in from a storage drive. now I am having the same problem again. The funny thing is that the internet connection is not coming back up until I shut down her computer. "and yes I have the cable unplugged and it has no wi fi " So I am asking everyone, figure this one out LOL.
    somehow there is some kind of signal or 60 hrz interference that is interrupting the modem router and it cant reset until this computer is shut down??????
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