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I have a pc that i would like to sell, i have just built it and it is great. i was wondering where could i sell it and how much for. here are the specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black edition (UNLOCKED)
Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P (REV.2.3)
Nvidia 9600gt overclocked:
core clock 767
shader clock 1918
memory clock 1011
Plus artic twin turbo Gpu fan.
4gb ddr2 ram at 667 mhz
3 Case fans (one Cooler Master 12cm SickleFlow System Fan - Blue Leds, and 2 Artic f12 fans)
Case:Ezcool H550D BLACK Computer Case with 500W PSU
500gb sata hard drive
22x sata dvd wrier drive
Windows 7 32bit (can support 64) Ultimate
bult in lan and 7.1 sound
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  1. It depends on the market. Be it Ebay or craigslist. But I'd say about.. $400
  2. had a look at others on ebay, found one with no gpu or hard drive with bids for over £550 with lower spec. i need to sell for over 500 so i can build my next one and work my way up. is that possible?

    Thanks in advanced.
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