Do you think my Motherboard is the problem

I have a DV7T 3100 series HP Pavilion laptop and it will not boot up at all. I plug it in and press power and I get the start-up sequence, which includes the power light indicator, wifi and volume light indicators, and the fan will all turn on; however milliseconds afterwards, it all turns off. :??: And nothing during that time is displayed on the screen.

What initially started this was an accident that had the ac adapters plugin land awkwardly after falling, hitting floor first. The ac adapter plugin actually then split, but without notice as it is covered with the black rubber coat, I plugged it into the laptop and sparks went flying.

I bought a new ac adapter, and here I am now. No solutions yet. But I think the motherboard got fried. Do you guys agree, because I am in search of a refurbished one and ready to pull the trigger on getting it. Just want confirmation.

Please if you feel like solving and need more info, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you. :bounce:
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  2. I would say that laptop is done. sorry about that :(
    My laptop had similar "symptoms" when I spilled about a gallon of water on it; Lights come on, but then computer shuts off.
    I opened that up and found black burns all over the motherboard.
    So i would recommend a new computer.
  3. The motherboard is still circulating power... The indicator lights light up, so maybe it is the CPU?
  4. I just read this interesting post... ... Similar issues, but says it was the hard drive that was the problem.... how is that possible?
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