Will this processor work in my laptop?

Here is a copy/paste description of my system from the Dell website. I found this CPU that is in my price range and seems pretty good. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/160629178841?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649&afsrc=1)
Can anyone help me by letting know if this will work in my system? I appreciate all the help!

Quantity Parts # Part Description
1 TK041 Adapter, Connector, Video Dongle, DP2HDMI
1 F836R Pad, Mouse, Alienware, M17X
1 MT749 Keyboard, 83, United States, World Wide, M15X
1 K2490 Cord, Power, 110V, 6F, AlternatingCurrent, 3W, PROPOSITION 65..., United States
1 J408P Adapter, Alternating Current, 150W, Delta - Ac Adapt, 3P, World Wide, M09
1 DW6RN Kit, Software, W7HP64, Multi-Language, Alienware
1 J1CM4 HARD DRIVE..., 320GB, P11, 7.2K, 2.5, MX320-1
1 1HC8F Dvd+/-Rw, 8X, Serial Ata, SLOT, Hitachi Lg Data Storage
1 KVCX1 Card, Wireless, Half Mini-Card, DW1520
1 YNM15 Processor, I3-370M, 2.4, 3MB, Arrandale, K0
2 F073F Dual In-Line Memory Module, 2GB1333MHZ, 256X64, 8K, 200
1 NTVGT Card, Graphics, 5730, Parker
1 M960G Card, Wireless, Bluetooth, 370 Latin, 5DB, No Bios
1 H162K Liquid Crystal Display, 15.6, Full High Definition, Light Emitting Diode, True Life, Lg , Philips Lcd
1 T779R Battery, Primary, 85WHR, 9C, Lithium, Dynapack International Technology Corp
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  1. I don't recommend it as the heatsink that comes with the original board isn't designed for a cpu upgrade. You need to examine the heatsink first and see if you can locate one on ebay or order an upgraded heatsink from dell that will fit the fan connector on your dell board. Then worry about the cpu upgrade. If you do the math, it's far better to sell your old dell intact and wipe the drive (after backing up windows, so you can do a fresh windows install) and start over with a new laptop.
  2. Both processors are the same socket, but it doesn't mean it will be compatible. Dell motherboards have a tendency to like only a certain range of processors. Keeps costs low and prevents people from upgrading (whether intentional or not, it sucks).

    Also, as o1die said, the heatsink that is in your laptop now may not work well enough for an extreme processor.
  3. I was told by a few other people that I would run into heating issues only if I try running this processor along with a high end video card and overclock them. But if I run them with out of the box settings, I should be OK. Were they wrong?
  4. If they have the exact same board as yours, maybe it works. But it's much easier to sell your old dell and start over, and will probably cost about the same. And it's tough to sell a used laptop cpu to recoup some of your costs.
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