I need the password for my dell inspiron #4b2gpx-595b

u can mail it for me on lukuganda@yahoo.com
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  1. u can call the Dell support for help directly. Also you can try other methods to find Dell Inspiron password:

    Solution 1: Recover Inspiron password in Safe Mode (in XP)

    * A. Press F8 when PC starts. Select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and Enter.
    * B. At the login screen with PC user accounts, choose one accessible account to login. The Administrator account (default/built-in) password is blank if never set password for it before.
    * C. At Safe Mode, Dos command displays. Input "net user" and Enter to list all the user names in Windows XP computer. Then input "net user XXX 123456" (xxx is the locked account name and 123456 is the new password set on this account) and press Enter. Then we will see "The command completed successfully."
    * D. Input "shutdown -r" and press Enter to restart the system, then we can access "XXX" account in normal logon mode.

    Solution 2: Dell Inspiron password recovery by accounts with administrative rights (Windows 7)

    * A. Login PC from the accessible account with administrator privileges.
    * B. Start - Local Users and Groups – lusrmgr.msc in the Search box - ENTER. If there is prompt for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or give confirmation.
    * C. Local Users and Groups - choose Users.
    * D. Right click the account needed to reset password, and then select Set Password.
    * E. Input and confirm the new password.

    Solution 3: DIY a Inspiron recovery disk to retrieve lost password

    If we can not override password with the first solution, opting for Windows Password Recovery software will be the most effective way to unlock forgotten Windows password. Take Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery tool as example.

    * A. Download Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery and burn .iso file to a bootable CD/DVD/USB on an available PC.
    * B. Boot the target computer from CD/DVD/USB.
    * C. Recover lost Dell Inspiron password with the burned CD/DVD/USB.
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