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I have an Asus Direct CU II GTX 560 Ti 1GB card. I am using it with my Phenom II x4 955 BE and Asus M4N75TD motherboard with a Cooler Master GX 750 W PSU.

the problem is the idle temps show 34 to 35 degrees on MSI afterburner. However, when I play a game (any game crysis, gta 4, etc) for 5 to 10 minutes and the temps on the afterburner show 55 to 60 degrees. and after I close the game the temps immediately decrease to 35 to 40 degrees with 2 to 3 minutes.

What my question over here is why are the temps so high even if I play the game for 5 to 10 minutes. Is there something wrong. I have set the fan speed to auto. I have the stock version the the Asus Direct CU II gtx 560 ti and not the TOP (overclocked version).

Please help me out with this. Is this normal.

I have a Cooler master 430 elite case with 3 intakes and 2 exhausts. The case temps are fine 29 to 30 degrees.

1 front intake
1 bottom intake
1 side intake
1 top exhaust
1 rear exhaust (high speed)

I think the problem is either with the side intake or the bottom intake
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  1. What game is it?

    34c as an idle temp is really good.Same goes for 60c as a semi load temp.All graphics cards heat up rather quickly when their playing a stressful game.I've noticed that games that use A/A or A/F settings of graphics tend to heat up and stress the card a lot more even if the game isn't very demanding.

    Your temps are fine you have nothing to worry about.
  2. 35 degrees is when I am not playing any game on the computer. The fan speed automatically stays in 20 to 23 speed and when I play games such as crysis, crysis 2, gta 4, dirt 2, the forgotten sands, the temps automatically increase to 55 to 60 degrees within 5 to 15 minutes of game play and the fan speed comes around 43 to 48.

    All my games are AA and AF enabled. crysis on 2x AA and others on 4X AA and 16x AF.

    why is the fan speed so low and what are the safe load temps for the ASUS GTX 560 Ti direct cu II

    are my case fans set correctly. (120mm fans)

    1 front intake
    1 bottom intake
    1 side intake
    1 top exhaust
    1 rear exhaust (high speed)

    the reason why I am worrying about the case fans is because the direct cu II graphic card does not have a blower fan and thus, it leaves all the hot air under the case itself.
  3. The Asus graphics card have that DirectCU technology so their cards stay really cool when their under load which is why your fan speeds don't get to high.

    It's normal for a card to get hot as soon as you start playing a game,thats just how they are,espically with AA and AF enabled.

    Those types of cards that exhaust into the case are better for the card but not so great for other componets in your case.With that many fans you have suffient enough airflow.Yes they are set correctly.

    Having a load temp of 60c is really really really good for a GTX560ti and any other cards of that calilbier liek the 6870 and 6950 which would get much hotter.
  4. so should I adjust a manual fan profile when playing games or leave it to auto settings itself.
  5. If your load temps are 60c I would leave it on auto.

    DirectCU is a good type of heatsink I wouldn't worry about it that much.
  6. These card can handle 90C+

    I ran my 8800gt @ 108C for like a month and it still works fine.

    I wouldn't worry at all unless you starting seeing anything above 85C.
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