Connecting WRT54G and WRT54GS together and using GS for wireless

In the house I am using a WRT54G as the main router connected to the ISP. I have run a Cat5E wire from the house to the shop 110 feet away and connected a WRT54GS to the Cat5E (a LAN Port). I turned off DHCP and assigned it a static IP from the House WRT54G. Local wired connections work great, problem is it will not offer up a wireless IP address to wireless clients.

I wired up a cross over cable and actually plugged it into the WAN port, it actually picked up and offered wirelessly the House IP address range, however, could not get to the internet. I also tried to set the DNS static to help, no help.

Any ideas why I can't wire to WRT54G and a GS together and expect a wireless connection at the shop site?

Thanks in advance. --Ty
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  1. If you use the WAN port on the GS you need the set the GS's LAN IP to
  2. I forgot to mention that I had set it to
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