Problem with sound card!

I bought a Genius SM-Live 5.1 but I just can't make it work!!
I installed everything, but on the audio control panel it says that there's no jack information of the sound card and when I try to play any music on my PC, it just don't play!! I mean, I click to play but the music doesn't foward, it just stay on 00:00 all the time!

What the hell is going on? Thanks everyone!
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  1. did you troubleshoot your pc?
  2. Yes, it didn't find any solution! =/
  3. did you reinstall and update the drivers of the soundcard before you tried it again?
  4. many and many times! =(

    Here's a print screen from what I get! Before that, it was telling the jack where my speaker was connected (but the sound wasn't working anyway), and now it doesn't even tell that! =/

  5. click on the high def speakers just above headphones and try to install that again and see what happens
  6. Sorry, but I didn't found any option to reinstall it! =/
  7. go to device manager and it should show the audio devices thats not working, With a yellow x on the audio device click on the ones with the problems and let the drivers update
  8. Ah, yes, I already reinstalled it many many times, but It still doesn't work! =/
    There's no yellow X in any device
  9. i checked and alot of people have the same problem and the only solution is to go to the website and get other drivers or go back to the Manual
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