Is a slightly better processor worth the price?

Im wondering if its worth it to get the i7 2760qm (@2.4 Ghz) versus the $164 cheaper i7 2670 (@2.2 Ghz)? I primarily will be gaming.
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  1. no i would say keep the cpu you have,

    In the future when you dont get what you want from your cpu then ill say upgrade to a better cpu
  2. The main difference between these two laptop processors is the i7 2760qm runs at a max of 3.5ghz under turbo, and the 2670 runs at 3.1ghz under turbo, so 400mhz difference. Also, the 2760qm natively supports DDR-1600mhz where the 2670 only supports DDR3-1333mhz. The differences are pretty small though, and you would not likely notice.
  3. thats right so just upgrade when you really need to, Otherwise you are just wasting money on not a very big difference
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