[SOLVED] SuperMicro H8DGI-F wont detect external graphics card

I have a H8DGi-F with a single CPU installed (and 8 2gig REG ECC DIMMS).

The PSU is seasonic 1000wat platinum.

The intake fan for the noctua cooler over the first CPU hangs over the first x16 PCI-e slot, so I have only tried with the 2nd and 3rd PCI-e slots.

The GFX Card is a VTX3D 6970.

The GFX Card did not work on this mobo, fans spin up but onboard VGA still shows BIOS and GFX card shows no signal to monitors.

Taking the GFX Card out and putting it into an ASRock AM2+ system and it works flawlessly, taking over the BIOS boot screen display (leaving the integrated VGA on the ASRock blank).

Putting the card back into the supermicro still no luck.

Flashed the BIOS from 2.0a to the newest one (2.0c), no change. Still no luck.

Tried disabling the onboard VGA with jumpers, just causes mobo to make 4 beeps, and still card has working fans but no signal on either of the 2 DVI or the one HDMI.

But the card works in the mean time on the ASRock, back in the SuperMicro with jumper returned to normal still no luck. Change the BIOS settings to prefer onboard or offboard Display, to run onboard or off-board option ROMs, etc... no luck.

The card is seated perfectly. The AUX power connectors are inserted properly.

Is there ever a case of graphics only works in the first PCI-e slot? Should I remove noctua fan from noctua heatsink and install into first slot?

Is there anything else to try? Matrox g200 is barely useable. Is there any thing left to try before trying to RMA the mobo for being faulty?
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  1. ASFDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

    I finally decided to rip that noctua intake fan out, so now instead of pus-pull I only have pull on the CPU cooler, with the noctua outtake fan only sucking out of the noctua heatsink, exhausting right into the path of a delta 2amp PWM fan tonned down a wee bit with the zalman PWM mate, sucking air out right behind it via the mobo tray 120mm exhaust.

    I'm sure it will be fine as I have a working graphics card now.

    Why the crap this isn't documented ANYWHERE completely escapes me.

    Hopefully this save the time of someone doing google search.

    Also my online retailer wont have to handle a false return now.
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    If you install one CPU, you need to have the graphic card install on slot #6. Make sure the onboard VGA is disabled by jumper setting.
  3. You can change the JI2C1&2 jumper setting from CLOSE to OPEN and then try again if it still has issue.
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