Update my Compaq from Intel Celeron 900 to Core 2 DuoT6600

I'd like to ask for help in upgrading my compaq laptop. I believe it's possible to move up from single to dual core without too much hassle as long as the processor fits the socket correctly. And I believe that the two chips in question (Celeron 900 and Core 2 duo T6600) have the same socket configuration. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide for making a switch like this?

And if I need to update my BIOS to run a new processor, how would I go about it?
Thank you for your help!
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  1. Hacking open and upgrading a laptop on that level is always quite the maneuver, especially with an OEM like Compaq. They use the same socket, same TDP rating, and same bus and all the other important stuff, the only question is the motherboard's BIOS support, which is usually very narrow on a machine like this.

    Try downloading CPU-Z(CPUID) and checking the motherboard model. Knowing this can help you source this kind of information.
  2. To expand on what zergesys has said, same sockets doesn't mean equal support. So long as there is support for the new processor on the motherboard side, then great. As you already stated with a BIOS, it is very possible you will need to flash your bios to be able to handle a new processor (and that is only if the motherboard can handle the processor at all).

    For a BIOS update, all you will have to do is go to compaqs website and look under their support page for whatever model laptop you have. Buried with the drivers and other downloadable stuff should be any bios updates. Not all laptop models will have support pages like this though, depending on how cheap your laptop is (cheaper usually means less support available). You can also do a google search like "*insert laptop make and model here* bios update"
  3. Modern smartphones outperform Celeron 900, just get a new system as yours will most definitely not support a dual-core
  4. Thanks for all the advice people, I appreciate it. I'll see what can be done. Hopefully it's possible. Otherwise, it sounds like the simplest thing to do is just buy a new laptop.
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