Better to Sli or a new video card?

Running an e8500 core 2 with a 260gtx. Looking to bump up my performance a bit. My case/powersupply is capable of running 2 260's or would I net bettt results buy simply buying a newer single card?
OS: Vista 32-bit
Ram : 4 gig
Vid Card 260 gtx 896
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  1. I personally would just upgrade to a better single card. The only way I would SLI your card is if I found a second card very cheap.

    check the chart out .. id just get an other 260gtx cuz there only 100$ and to mach what u hav u'd need 300+ and it wouldnt jump up many tires ..
  3. I agree with rolli59 because with a single card you dont have to warry about compatebility issues and other staff like that...But if you can find an other cheap one 260 then go for the sli configuration.
  4. 1) Is your motherboard sli capable? If not, the question is moot.

    2) I always prefer a single gpu or single card where it will do the job. Some games may not scale well.

    3) Your GTX260 is worth $50 to $70 on e-bay.

    4) If you upgrade, you are looking at a GTX 579 class card, or you will be disappointed by the small increase.

    5) Since your card sells for so little, you should be able to buy another one used on ebay for not much either.
    If it works out, fine. If it does not, then you should be able to sell both cards without much of a loss, and get a single great card.

    In this case, I say try sli. If you do, let us know how it works out.
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