Spu funnal like thing what is it

Ok my cousin bought a dell studio desktop i5 computer "crap"" lol anyway on the i5 cooler there is a black funnal like thing that lets the cpu suck outside air witch there is no hole for it but i guess they put it there to stop the heat from the AMD Radeon HD 6450 in witch there is not at all much heat

anyway what i need to know is what is this thing called??

i took it off b/c i took his system out of that crap case only has a 120" fan in front barely any air flow and a 80mm fan in back witch badly sucks so i hooked him up with a cooler master haf 912 with 4 120mm fans pushing 85 cfm each 2 in front 2 up top and i feel there is no need for this item anymore so with that said i'm planning to sell it on ebay for like 3 bucks but need to know the real name for it thank you to all who help and to all that look at this thread pics are here
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    CPU Air duct!
  2. rolli59 said:
    CPU Air duct!

    thank you what do you think i should sell it for or what do u think ill get for it
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  4. Really don't know maybe $5 if somebody is looking not a big demand item and hardly worth the effort.
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