Xfx 4870 hangs system right after i start crysis 2

I have a xfx 4870 DDR5 graphic card and recently it has been giving me a lot of problems. for instance whenever i try to play a big game like crysis2 or dirt3 it hangs the system as soon as the actual game begins. my other system specs are:
Core 2 duo E8200
4Gb DDR2
Win7/Vista 32 bit
Asus P5QLD Pro

Ps recently I gave my motherboard on warranty cz it stopped dead. I have gotten a replaced one or maybe it could be the same. still please tell me how to figure out whats wrong...
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  1. Power supply?
  2. for crysis 2,
    go to crysis directory; electronicarts/crytek/cysis2/engine. Then move the 'videos.pak' file elsewhere. This should solving ur problem because ur an amd graphic users. Not sure for the dirt3 though. hope it helps.
  3. thanks for the reply...the problem was with the mobo x/ the bios wernt updated or something...its been claimed under warranty...hope i get a new one xD
    thanks all
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