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Z77 memory options

What memory can I put with z77 motherboards?

I am looking for low profile ram, from most manufacturer's and particularly G.skill.

Now only am I looking for low profile ram, I am maybe looking for one at a lower voltage, that maybe is rated at 1600+? anything like that come out yet from g.kill? isn't low voltage a good overclock. Just want the best ram for a build I am helping complete.
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    here are two sets of memory from G. Skill that fit all of your criteria

    only difference is the color of the heat spreader...both sets are 1600mhz and low profile...and no having a lower voltage does not increase your overclocking potential
  2. I meant cooler temps, which would be better for overclocking no?
  3. I mean the memory staying cool that is.
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  5. yea cooler temps are always better for overclocking that is why RAM companies put heatspreaders on their ram (the colored metal coverings)....really its not that big of a deal though with memory as long as you have decent airflow in your case your temps will be fine for you do not need to worry about it...the RAM I suggested will perform excellent and will OC a bit fits all your criteria you just gotta pick which color will fit your system better.
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