How to connect my 12vfan on motherboard (motherboard typ in post)

i have a fan with 4pin conncter it's 12volt and i dont know how to connect it ihavnt got molex adaptos or anything i need to put it into cpu fan slot apparently alto i am not sure but i have that used up with the fan ontop of hatsink it is gunna be used as case fan pls help fast confused. wher will i connect it please my motherboard is m6mt-s2 the fan is nbsilentblackpro
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  1. From what I see the fan has additional plug connectors that you don't need to use. Just plug the 3 pin into any free 3 pin fan header, they are all 12v. If you NEED to use the extension just use the single piece with the 3 pins so you can plug it into any 3 pin fan header, again, which are all 12v connectors. If your motherboard only has 1 - 4 pin header just use one of the three pin headers. If, for some reason you HAVE to use the 4 pin connector then as long as your cpu fan only has a 3 pin connector then just put that on one of the other 3 pin connectors and plug your noise blocker black silent pro fan into the cpu fan header. As long as you have the heatsink fan plugged in and you have something plugged into the cpu fan header your computer should start. I would leave the cover off the first time I started the computer after changing the plugs around to make sure the cpu heatsink fan is actually running just to be sure.
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