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I have am new to the PC scence and am thinking of building a computer here pretty soon. I have been doing alot of looking at newegg for the parts. My main question is what processor would be the best to get for gaming. I have been thinking of getting the AMD 1100T BE. Would this be a smart choice? Also could I get a suggestion on a good case? I plan on doing SLI GTX 570's and would like to keep them cool.
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  1. The best processor for gaming is the Intel sandy bridge 2500K. Bar none.
    Amd 6 core cpu's are very poor for gaming. Their core speed is lacking. The X6 are more appropriate for multi core applications.

    A case is a personal thing. Get one that you love, you will be looking at it every day.
    In general, a good gaming case will have at least two front 120mm intake fans.
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    I would not go with AMD for gaming even though it still produces good results. I would go with an intel build with the i5-2500k and a z68 chipset motherboard. The i-5 has great overclock potential and is even outstanding and out performs AMD processors at it's stock speeds when it comes to gaming.

    For the case I would go with the Cooler Master 690II Advanced. It has good cable management options and will also fit those 570's very well. As for cooling here is some of the specs.

    Rear: 120 mm fan x 1
    Front: 1 x 140 mm
    Top: Up to 2x140mm or 120mm fans
    The left side panel has 2 spots for 120mm fans
    The right Panel behind the motherboard has room for a 80x10mm fan to blow air on to the motherboard. And you can also remove the HDD cages and fit 2x 140mm or 120mm fans at the bottom of the case. Or if you are wanting water cooling you can put a radiator at either the top or the bottom where the fans would go.

    If you want to show off the insides of the case you can also order a side panel from cooler masters website that has a window on it with a 120mm fan mount.

    Oh and there is a video card support bracket that can hold an 80mm fan as well.
  3. Awesome feedback guys. Thanks. Is there any need for a sound card or would onboard be just fine?
  4. 1shotheadshot said:
    Awesome feedback guys. Thanks. Is there any need for a sound card or would onboard be just fine?

    No need for a sound card. Onboard HD sound is very good. Any cpu savings are negligible.
    You can always add a sound card later.
  5. I actually like the look of that case but like the Nvidia edition even more. This thing can hold up to 10 fans. I don't how I could go wrong with that. Now I just need to find a fan controller for all of them. The mobo I'm looking at does not have many fan connectors and i don't want to use up to many molex adapters from the PSU.

    That fan controller can hold up to 5 fans (30watts per channel). It has a mesh design that will match the 690 for the most part to help give it a nice sleek look. The only downside is that there is no digital display.

    Or here is a nice touch screen one with display

    I think your a little confused. The Nvidia will not hold 10 fans. You will lose 2 fans as the Nvidia edition doesn't have the 2 fans on the side panel. You could always by the window panel and gain 1 of the fans back.
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  8. Yep! Intel 2500K is best bang for the buck. A pair of GTX 570's is gonna use some Amps so get AT LEAST a 650W to 750W PSU. That's in case you decide to OC this very overclockable beast. CPU cooler and fan. Proper cooling is maybe 1 or 2 front fans, 1 rear fan (exhaust) and a top 120mm fan (exhaust). Get a case w/ a side fan port if you think you need more cooling on your video.
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