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I have an early Intel development system that I have been researching and trying to date. The chips on the board with date codes range from June of 1971 to April of 1972. The Intel chips do not have date codes. A few collectors say that this is just an ordinary SIM8-01 with common chips while some others have told me that the board is very early or perhaps even a prototype board because of the chips used and the design. The CPU is an 8008 and the RAM chips are C1101A1 chips. The EPROMS are really mixed as you can see and include a 1701, three 1702, two 1702A, and two C1702A chips. Are there any Intel collectors here that can give me some insight as the scarcity of these chips?
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    as far as I can remember those eproms are all interchangeable. As for rare, I doubt it, they were used alot back in those days and earlyin their life came in different flavors, one with a sealed lid that you erased with xrays and another with a widow that you erased with UV light. All UV chips could also be erased by a strong xray generator. Of course this is if I remember right; it could be the 1601 was Xray and the 1701 UV.

    As for being worth anything, the 1701 might be but the 1702's were fairly common.... back in the day. So they would be just valuable for their gold content imo.
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