945gct-m3 can support more than 2gb ram?

pc is emachine w5233, 945gct-m3, pentium d 925, 4 x 2gb kvr ddr2 667. vista sees 3.25. everyone says mobo support only 2gb. is pc using more at lower bandwith or what. please help me understand. i'd hate to think i was slowing the old thing down.
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  1. Here is the memory specification for this model:

    Dual-channel DDR2 memory architecture
    º 2 x 240-pin DDR2 DIMM socket support up to 2 GB
    º Support DDR2 667/533/400 DDR2 SDRAM

    2GB is the maximum, 1GB maximum on each slot
  2. well thanks i know what the ecs site and everyone else has said. but as i am sitting here now using the pc in question how is it working as well as it does? i have 2 x 2 gb kvr 667 ddr2. i mis spoke last post. i'm just trying to understand how it works. less bandwith? i get no beeps or error messages. i do intend to get 2 good 1gb ddr2 sticks to try tho. am trying to understand how it works already know specs. is my favorite OLD pc suffering for this? also i was not aware of the 2 gb limitation when i first put it in. thank you
  3. If you put 2 x 2GB memories on this model, BIOS will only show 2 GB. Unfortunately, we never tested this model with 2 x 2GB. All our testings are within specification. For our suggestion, you had better add 2 x 1GB stick on this model.
  4. thank you. still leaves me wondering exactly how this memory is being used etc. i will do as you suggest and bench it both ways. i've had it this way for years now. by the way this old machine is one of my favorites. Great products you all!
  5. also bios displays this 640 k, ext 3398656 k, total 3399680 k.
  6. Thank you for your update!

    It seems the BIOS can detect 2 x 2GB memory = 4GB
  7. you're welcome. when i'm ready to build a pc i know were to shop for a board too.
  8. What bios are you using? I updated to the newest according to emachines w5233 website. All the bios did was take away manual timing and speed preference and runs my DDR2 667 @ DDR 533. I cannot seem to find the bios flash anywhere that indicates 4gb is ok to install. anyone have a link to this? I currently am running 1GB ram, with windows 7 32 bit. :cry:
  9. bump?
  10. The BIOS in eMachines may have different BIOS version. You should check with eMachines Technical Support regarding the BIOS request:

  11. Yes, the bios I have is the most current one on the website. 4GC3110E. Can anyone confirm that 4 GB will run on with windows 7 on emachines 5233 with this bios? I've got 1 gig, and while it runs god awful slow.
  12. it might be able to read the memory stick ID as the 4Gb , but is it using it would be the question ... 2Gb is the Intel limit of the chipset unless maybe the vid can use it . which would be nice if it could .
    Have a Gateway W3650 W/ ECS945GCTM3 MB with a 2G celeron running XP , 2GB ram [yes max] [missed newegg $25 dual 755 CPU close out sale]
    AND Intel MB 945 , dual Pentium running Ubuntu 12.04.1
    Both machines found in/on street . I refurbished with spare components laying around.[my clawhammer died ;-( ,,,]
    PS DO UPGRADE mem to the 2 GB limit , it will speed it up
  13. FWIW, I am running a Gateway GT-5620 (ECS 945GTC-M3) with an Intel E2180 (Dual Core 2GHz) and 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB) and all seems well, except that the MB only sees about 2.9GB of the RAM. Still, having that extra .9GB is a big help with WinXP-SP3.

    The BIOS I am running came from the Gateway website. It is 4GC3112G. It's not specifically made for this machine, but everything seems to be working fine.

    I don't recall the brand of RAM I'm using... It came out of an EMachines ET1331G-07W I found on the street. Before I got this RAM, I had borrowed 2 x 2GB RAM (used) from a local computer store and the machine wouldn't even POST. So I guess this board is picky about the RAM it will use.

    Good Luck, all!

    TRGTC -out
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