Need GPU for 1280x1024 monitor

I just built a new budget system which includes:

Phenom 955 be O.C.'ed to 3.6ghz (stock cooler)

Asus M4A88TD-V Mobo

4gb G-Skill 1600mhz 7-8-7-24

Western Digital RE4 WD5003ABYX 500GB HDD

SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze PSU ( I was going to get a lower powered unit but decided to spend a little extra in case I ever decided to get a GPU. Glad I did now!)

I have a old 19" Dell with max res of 1280 x 1024.

What's the best GPU around $100-$140 that fits my system and would allow me to play most games at my max res with med. to high settings with good framerates?

P.S. I know my monitor is really lacking, but an upgrade isn't possible right now.
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  1. A 5770 would be a bit overkill ,but when you get a new monitor it would scale pretty well even at 1900x1000.
  2. On The two cards with the best reviews are the HIS and Gigabyte. The Gigabyte is $20 more. Is it worth the extra over the HIS?
  3. link the exact cards you are talking about, I have a single slot 5770 that I picked up awhile ago for a backup rig running at 720p and it does just fine. I would say that a 5770 is definatley what you are looking for.

    Personally If I were to order one right now id get this one:

    and you get dirt 3 for free which looks like a pretty cool game, go to ign and watch the video review...

    good luck and have fun, ignore the newegg reviews oftentimes they are way off, Ive owned a couple HIS cards with no issue and I think they have a 3 year warranty. The Single slot ones from XFX (double lifetime warranty) are nice too but I don't think you will be doing any oc'ing with the single slot models, at least my diamond one does not.

    In the end the gigabyte model is not worth it and it only offers a 50mhz increase over stock which is likely easily attainable on its own, but at the end of the day the 5770 will handle 95% of games pretty much maxed out at the 12X10 resolution imo
  4. Thanks, That's the HIS 5770 I was refering to. I just read a comparison and the HIS was a little faster than the Gigabyte (only 4%) but the Gigabyte ran cooler due to the 2 fan design. I'll save the $20 and get the HIS.

    Thanks for the info!
  5. your welcome and enjoy
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