Dell Laptop will not boot after bios update

First off it's my dads laptop and he is not very computer savvy. He performed a bios update because it recommended it according to him, when the computer restarted after the update it will not post. when u hold the power button for 10 seconds maybe it lights up, and the volume lights flicker and go off and on and thats it. I tried taking out the coin cell battery for 30 minutes, removing battery ac adapter and re booting it that way. I heard somewhere that Dell stores an old bios setting on the CMOS incase something like this happens.. Is that true? If so how do i get to it. Or am i s.o.l and have to replace the mobo.. Thanks in advance

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  1. the bad news is that it is very easy to brick a computer with a bad BIOS update....your best bet if you cannot get the laptop to turn on at all would be to contact Dell support and see if they can guide you in the right direction..... whether it be RMA to get a new one or send it in so dell can flash the BIOS onto it. If you cannot get it to boot at all there is really nothing you can do unfortunately. and replacing the motherboard on a laptop is usually more costly than a new laptop all together so I wouldnt go that route(if that route is even an option)
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