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CPU is ok buy my board is dead

Anyone can help me because my intel dual e5200 processor is ok but my motherboard that has memory of ddr2 is dead, and now i would like to change to new motherboard that support ddr3 ram it is possible? still same socket 775
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  1. Not possible. That CPU only supports DDR2 memory.
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    abekl said:
    Not possible. That CPU only supports DDR2 memory.

    Um, no. The LGA 775 platform has the memory controller on the northbridge, not on the CPU.

    There are vastly more LGA 775 boards with DDR2 than DDR3 but DDR3 boards do exist. LGA 775 boards are hard enough to find as is though and DDR3 ones will be even harder to find. Additionally, you will see absolutely zero performance improvement wise from going to DDR3 with that CPU.

    Your best bet is to buy an LGA775 DDR2 motherboard and use your existing memory or buy a brand new computer.
  3. which means that? my processor is not compatible with motherboard that support ddr3? or its compatible with ddr3 motherboard but there is no improvement of the performance
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