Can i connect a ati radeon 5770 to sd tv

yeah i have a sony trintron old standard def tv, can i connect my pc with hd ati radeon 5770 card to it, so i can play from my tv till i get better tv, i understand id need some sort of wire and if yes can someone suggest one please
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  3. Direcly I can't think of a way. The easiest way, and the way I would do it if I had to, would be to use a modern receiver with hdmi inputs. Plug your pc via hdmi into the receiver and from there send the signal to the tv with whatever output works for you. Otherwise you are going to have to buy a hdmi to composite adapter that costs at least 50 eggs.

    The cheapest thing you could try, is buy a vga to composite/cinch/svideo cable, 2-3 eggs, and use a 3.5 to cinch cable to transmit audio. Be warned though the analog TV resolution is going to be around 640x480, so its going to look like ass. I tried it a few years back and just ended up buying an HD TV instead.
  4. ok man thanks for that i dont suppose you could supply links, as you obviously know more than me about it , my tv has scart, or rgb, wich is yellow white red wires, i dont know what you mean by 3.5 to cinch cable lol
  5. 3.5mm is the standard audio out on your computer, and cinch is the red and white cables. You can get that at radioshack for a few bucks.
    and then get a vga to rca cable. Note if you only have DVI ports it will most likely NOT work since the signal is digital but needs to be analog. If you have only DVI ports you will need a converter of some sort. Be it a receiver or hdmi to rca converter.
  6. by that do you mean vga on the the graphics card because it does have vga, it has dvi and vga ports
  7. Yes I meant vga port on the graphic card. At least the vga to rca/svideo cable is really cheap on amazon. If it doesn't work at least you won't have wasted a lot of money.
  8. yeah very true only one way to find out then, thanks for your help bro
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