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ATI Radeon HD 5750 Vs Nvidea GTS 250

Hello, I'm Just wondering what will give me better performance. A 5750 or a GTS 250? I Do Prefer ATI/AMD but the GTS 250 is cheaper, All i want to know is which will give me better performance, I play at 1280x720 and I'd like to play most games on higher settings.

ATI Radeon HD Sapphire 5750 Vapor-X $114.99

Nvidea EVGA GTS 250 79.99 (though only 512mb)

Thank you In Advance

-Clay Ness
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    you should definitely get the 5750, it's more powerful, has directx 11 support and is generally more future proof. You probably shouldn't be buying a card with only 512mb ram nowadays anyway.
  2. Okay Thank you. Will Do about 2 weeks i guess until I get it.

    I also learned that the vapor-x is factory overclocked.
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