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I was looking at the stats in my Westell 2200 for the first time, and was wondering about something. I used DrTCP to set my MTU to 1492 on my XPPro system, which is what I thought was recommended for PPPOE with DSL. I noticed that my 2200 shows an MTU value of 1540 under WAN VC stats, and 1500 under the Ethernet Port stats. Are these values correct, or do I need to adjust something?
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  1. Local 100mbit LANs should stay at or under 1518 MTU.
    Your best bet is to set everything to what you DSL connection will handle which is the 1492. If you send a MTU at 1500, it's going to cut out 8 and tack that onto the next outgoing one and stuff snowballs and everything is getting chopped up. Will you notice any change? Probably not.. Anything under 1518 for your LAN is good.. the bigger the better though, less traffic. But you can create more traffic/processing if your outgoing MTU from your PC is hitting your router which has to break it down to 1492 to send.
    You should be able to adjust your settings in your Router and on your PC to 1492 or 1450, just something equal to or less than 1492.

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