kernel upgrade panics

can all you experts out there help me with this one:

my system specs:
Abit KG7 Raid mobo with onboard Highpoint HPT370 Raid controller
AMD Athlon 1GHz 266MHZ CPU
Crucial 128MB Ramstick @ 2CLS
2 Maxtor 20GB HDD in Raid 0 config
Inno3d GeForce2 GTS Graphics card
Creative Audigy DE
52X Cdrom drive and Sony CRX160E CD-writer

i'm running Redhat Linux 7.1 Seawolf
recently, i upgraded up kernel to 2.4.9-13 as i'm running a USB Nic (Smartbridges) and the current 2.4.2 kernel don't offer gd support for it i think...

however, after upgrading lotsa stuffs:

i got the following errors:
Kernel panic. Try passing a /init in the lilo configuration

What seems to be happening??? i had to do a --nodeps flag for rpm for alot of the rpms since i have lotsa dependency probs...
and i also can't upgrade to Redhat 7.2 as my onboard Raid do not have 7.2 drivers
also, when i was making an initrd image for my system, it says the hpt370 module could not be found for kernel 2.4.9-13, so i had to use the --omit-scsi-modules flag to make the ramdisk image

EcOnOmIc ReCeSsIoN = No NeW CoMpUtErZ FoR mE
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  1. what's happenning? sorry dan_gao86, but the short answer is that you broke it. no hpt driver = no disk for the kernel to mount as root.

    Telling mkinitrd to ignore the high point drivers is the problem. Kernel thinks your RAID is a scsi device, so that's why it needed the hpt370 module.

    Modules are compiled for a specific kernel version, but sometimes work with others if you force them...

    If you can, I'd suggest going using a boot floppy (that supports the hpt370) to go back to the old kernel, then build a new initrd, and try forcing it to use the wrong version of the hpt370 module. It might not work, but it's worth a try.
  2. i've preserved the old kernel and also enabled me to boot the old kernel from lilo, so i guessed all is not lost yet...
    but i'm kinda newbie, so perhaps you can advise me on how to force mkinitrd to make a new initrd with the hpt370 modules???

    thanx alot

    EcOnOmIc ReCeSsIoN = No NeW CoMpUtErZ FoR mE
  3. copy the hpt370 module to the same place under the /lib/modules/2.4.9 tree as it was under 2.4.2

    try running mkinitrd again and see if it lets you do it. There is a --with <module> switch, but mkinitrd looks in your /etc/modules.conf file to work out which scsi drivers to load, so using it probably won't help.

    if it doesn't work, try depmod -a 2.4.9 then run mkinitrd again...
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