Please help 2500k peaks at 80C

Hey, I just got a new CPU core i5 2500. It idles at 30-35C. When I play games, Crysis2. I see it stay around 60sC, I alt tab randomly every now and then to check CPU temps and always catch it at that temp.

But when I look at max temp I see it reach the mid 70s once saw 79C as max temp, but never seem to catch it running at that temp when I alt tab.

If I run Prime95, it gets to high 70s in 2-3 minutes, then I close it, so i suspect it would probably go higher. I'm using stock cooler, not overclocked, everything is stock. I tried reseating the heatsink, made sure all the pins are in and stable.

My case temperature is cool, if I over my hand over the CPU fan It doesn't feel particularly hot. But I noticed that one side of the heatsink kind of moves a tinnnnnyyyy bit when I press on it compared to the other side that just doesn't move at all.

So I was wondering, is it possible that the heatsink is crooked or something, that it just doesn't lay completely flat on the cpu.

I don't really intend on overclocking it and I have already invested enough in this new rig, and I had faulty, GPU and PSU! So I just want everything to work :cry:

So what heat sink would you recommend for an 2500k. Not too expensive, a limit of 50$ MAX, I don't want to have to worry about temperatures ever again lol

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  1. that temperature are normal for a cpu on load. Nothing to worry about really.
    something like hyper 212+ or Scythe’s Mugen would work.
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    At stock clocks with a stock fan, I don't think you need to worry too much about temps.

    Prime95 is a stress test, so in reality, you will probably never stress the CPU that much in day to day operations.

    As for the heatsink moving, it's probably because of the TIMM (thermal paste). Mine does too.

    Don't overtighten the heatsink. You will probably bend/crack the motherboard and/or cause damage to CPU socket pins.

    If you wanted to,

    1. Reapply TIMM using high quality product-Artic MX-4.
    2. Get an aftermarket cooler-Hyper 212 (as mentioned), CNPS10X Performa offer good value. If doing so, try not to use bundled TIMM.
    3. Install extra case fans for better airflow.
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