Loud Computer Sound and Random Restarts

I'm a college student with a gaming computer that has been making some troubling sounds lately. It sounds incredibly loud and worries me. Once it boots and starts loading the OS, it's like a car engine. Sounds like it usually does when you start a program and it starts loading all the stuff. But ALL THE TIME. I got a new case because I thought it was overheating and the old case would cause it to restart if I lightly touched the case with my hand or leg.

Added new RAM at Christmas (two sticks of 4gb RAM, adding 8gb to my already present 4gb). I never changed the BIOS when I added this RAM, is that a problem? Is that where the voltage problems are coming in? When I went to the BIOS, i got a red message saying something about voltages and boot errors and such which sounds pretty bad.


GA-P55A-UD3 Motherboard
i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
gtx570 gigabyte
12,288MB of RAM
1000gb HD
250gb HD

Oh and I had some issues with my computer just restarting as soon as I touched my OLD case. These issues have been resolved with my new case, but I did have my computer restart randomly on me the otherday in the middle of a game.
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  1. so the only issue is that the pc is loud? if so there are only a few things that could cause this....1. your optical drive...check and see if there is a cd in there sometimes that makes the drive spin up and create noise if not make sure that the drive is not going bad....2. case fans/psu fan/gpu fan/cpu fan...pop off the side panel and turn the pc on listen to the fans in your system this is most likely the cause of the loud noise....either ones of these fans is going bad or there is insane dust build up and its causing components to over heat...dust out your system make sure there is no dust stuck in the cpu cooler or gpu cooler.....3. the last thing that can cause weird noises is your HDD...again take off the side panel and listen to the hdd (stick your ear by it) and start the pc you will hear it if the noise is coming from that
  2. 1) No disc in the drive

    2) I cleaned out all dust with he dust cleaner spray thing. And put it all into a brand new clean case so there's ZERO dust in there.

    3) HDD might be possible. But it's been working fine for hte most part. Maybe a reformat would help?

    I guess my question is, could bad RAM cause my computer to like go crazy and over process and not shut up? It sounds like my computer is working way too hard to do these things.
  3. no RAM could not cause your computer to become louder....and no a reformat would not help the harddrive....open the case and turn the computer on and use your ears to pin point the source of the sound....my guess is a loud fan some where or a cable stuck in a fan....if the hdd was making noise it would be a clicking noise usually.
  4. Hmm well I'll take a looksie. I also had a strange "Voltage" error in my bios. Not sure what that was about since I never altered settings or even step foot in the bios normally. It said something like it wasn't set properly which is strange since it's supposed to be set properly.
  5. to make sure that everything is set right in the BIOS you could load the BIOS and hit the option LOAD DEFAULTS....this will ensure there is nothing weird set....also report back after listening to your pc
  6. wait so that will load it to the correct defaults? What if it loads it to a motherboard specific thing that doesn't work with my video card or memory? I'm a bios noob
  7. it wont have any effect on your video card so no worries there...and it will load it to the defualts of the memory too (unless the motherboard does not support the defaults of the memory)...so you do not have to worry about it causing issues you will be fine....its just an easier way to make sure that you have stable settings in the BIOS rather than go through and look at each option
  8. Yeah I'l try loading defaults later this afternoon. But I did manage to open up and listen to the components to see what was causing that racket. It's most definitely the GPU.

    nvidia GTX570 by gigabyte. Has 3 fans going but I don't recall it being THIS loud. It sounds like when you start up a big program and your computer starts going crazy... but all the time.
  9. Ok well I downloaded a utility by nvidia to adjust fan speed. Sure enough, it is DEFINITELY my video card. I lowered those fans to 40degrees and BAM instantly sound was GONE. I set it to 70 and it got loud again. Set it to auto, got even louder. Sooooo.. yeah.

    I feel like my video card is working too hard during system idle time. The fans are running at 70% during system idle and it's incredibly loud and distracting. There's no difference when I start a game.
  10. Idle:
    37 degrees cesius
    70% fanspeed

    Under Load:
    55 degrees celsius
    70% fanspeed
  11. yea the fan profile on your card seems a little wacky.....55c under load is really cool for a video card you do not need to have it that cool especially if the noise is unbearable...you could use like msi afterburner or something to change the fan profile....I would put the fans down to 30% or so until it hits above 50c then have it linearly increase to 100% once it hits like 80c or so....use a profile similar to that then if its too loud still you can adjust it to make it quieter.
  12. but am In danger having my fans run at 70% all the time a all? I mean I was mainly concerned with this issue because I was afraid my video card was basically exploding, but it appears the only downside to this is it'll just use more electricity (which doesn't matter since I'm using dorm electricity)

    If I use this msi afterburner to set profiles, will I need to manually set the profiles when I go from idle to playing a game?
  13. no running your fans at 70% is not an issue at all if you can stand the loud noise...I run my gpu fans at 100% all the time for 3 years now with no issue...electricity usage is negligible...its like 1 or 2 watts more a fan nothing big at all.....no you will not need to manually switch profiles using afterburner bc there would only be one fan profile its based on temp not 2d or 3d settings...just temperature basically the fan is low until it hits a certain temp then ramps up depending on the temp of the gpu
  14. yeah see I thought my GPU already did that before. I feel like it's gone bad now because it doesn't change at all. It just stays at 70% by itsel even when I'm playing Battlefield3 on ultra graphics and the GPU heats up another 12 degrees.
  15. have you installed any tuner programs? (msi afterburner rivatuner..etc) if so maybe one of those started to override the default fan settings....you should try installing the latest drivers those should fix the problem
  16. Nah I never installed anything having to do with this before. I had some issues with my computer restarting with my old case because it was shorting the board, bt with this new case it's not shutting of fanymore. I think the fan started sounding loud ot me after one of the restarts. I'm hoping no permanent damage was done because of it. I'm planning on reformatting to see if that'll help solve problems... it's solved complex problems in the past lol
  17. I just set a profile on nvidia control panel. Now my fan automatically will increase its speed from 50% to 70% when the temperature goes over 50 degrees. Right now I'm at 40 degrees idle with 50% fan speed. How does that sound?
  18. thats still pretty high of a fan speed but if you can live with the noise go for it.
  19. Honestly the difference between 50% and 70% is so huge it's a relief to me. I don't think I've ever gotten my computer this quiet before. Thanks for the help though drums I appreciate it, I hope this has solved my problems. But I can't say it's completely solved yet as I still don't understand what caused my computer to randomly restart a week or two ago.
  20. have you tried to install the latest drivers? I think that might have been what has caused your fan to go crazy
  21. My drivers are all up to date, I don't see any patch notes saying they did anthing to change fan speeds though.
  22. hmm then it is odd that your fan all of the sudden started revving up like crazy....if you want to permanently fix this issue and not run a program to do it you could flash a custom BIOS onto the card with your choice of fan profile
  23. ah but I'm using nvidia's control panel t do it. So I didn't have to load any other programs on to do it. Just downloaded an extention to the control panel that allows me to access performance options like clocking and fan speed. Set up a profile using a graph that will increase my fanspeed if the temperature gets too hot.

    But yeah it is really odd. I hope there's no damage because like I said, my computer had been shorting how several times with my old case. I would touch my case and BAM restart...just like that. Replaced the case and it doesn't short out anymore but I think my video card started revving up like this after one of the restarts in my old case and it never went back after that. Not positive though, I may have just noticed now that my video card was this loud too. It just sounded a lil out of the ordinary lately.
  24. yea thats def a weird one you should keep an eye on it glad your shorting out issue was resolved though
  25. Hey do you know anything about overclocking? I wouldn't mind getting 10 more FPS in battlefield 3 with my video card. I've never overclocked before though so I don't know how to do it.
  26. yea I def do know alot about OC'ing....to OC your gpu you should download a program that tunes graphics cards (a good one is msi afterburner) and basically to OC you will up the slider on the Core clock, shader, and memory clock....you bump each one up a little at a time testing for stability each time.....once you hit an unstable speed on one setting you back it down to the last stable setting and move onto the next clock to change...you just gotta keep a keen eye on temps when you oc....here is a good guide on msi afterburner

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