How do you install drivers on motherboard without onboard video?

I'm curious here. I have a gigabyte motherboard that doesn't have any onboard graphics, I have a EVGA GEForce GTS 450 card. So you install everything, but until you've installed the drivers for the video card, the system doesn't have the ability to display the OS right? So what happens there I'm wondering.... Or does the graphics card have some kind of basic built-in functionality to work before you install all the drivers? This is all on a new build with Windows 7. Thanks for the help, I'm sure this is a dumb question, but I'm just unsure, I thought that what usually what happens is the first time you start up the onboard graphics can run based on what is in the BIOS, and then you install the drivers for your expansion graphics card and it takes over. But for a motherboard without any onboard video...?
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  1. All video cards have a basic display mode that does not require any drivers.
    That is why you can see the bios before loading the OS.
    Windows works fine, but the resolution is something like 680 x400 or so.
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