Should i upgrade my gpu

i am currently running onboard video chipset ATI Radeon HD 4200. i dont play games nor i plan to in the future. should i upgrade? all i do is browse and watch movies , netflix etc.. i saw this card . would it make a huge different ?
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  1. I don't think you will see any improvement in your peformance.. that one only has 8 cuda cores.. if it was like 16.. then maybe you will find a little improvement.. for this price can't you grab a 5450 or 6450? They should be no more than $50..

    Between those two.. I think you're better off with the onboard graphics.. Typically any transition from integrated to discrete graphics will show good result but those are really low end :P
  2. You may see a small performance gain for the system if you fit a graphics card , At the moment graphics is using some of the system memory [ RAM] and that would be freed up.
    I have just fitted the geforce 210 to a computer. Its working well . Good case fans would be important since it doesnt have its own fan .
    The radeon is a more natural pairing for the AMD motherboard you have , but not worth the extra cost for your usage
  3. so basically just stick with my onboard hd 4200? even if i upgrade i wont see any difference on watching movies from netflix , dvds and blurays? just curious .
  4. Best answer,2920-6.html This is the benchmark.. if you want cheap directx11 then the 6450/5450 will do you good.. if you don't care I would go for either a geforce 210 or 240.. they are usually dirty cheap after MIR..

    Onboard graphic is enough to for an htpc.. you will be fine watching movies/music/streaming [as long as internet is decent].. just the money
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  6. blud7027 said:

    Stop wasting money. There won't be any significant boosts even if you buy a new graphics card since you only watch videos
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